The Design Process with Raymac Remodeling

blueprint1Initial meeting: Our process begins with a free, no obligation consultation. We will ask questions about your remodeling goals, and then listen carefully as you describe your objectives and intended usage of your space. We can then offer you suggestions and ideas and then present options for you to consider. We can give you a ballpark figure, based on our discussion with you, to give you an idea of the anticipated investment to design and build your project.

Design Meeting – This meeting is the beginning of the design process.  We prepare a “Letter of Intent” to provide you with design and construction services and take a modest deposit to begin the design work.  Following an extensive interview with you at your house, our Architects and Designers will measure and photograph the affected areas and begin the design process.  Our commitment to you is to provide you with a professional, creative design that meets your needs and a detailed quotation based on a plan or design that you agree upon. Your commitment to Raymac is limited to the cost of the planning work we complete for you through the design process. Our expectation is to continue working with you through to the end of a successful construction project

Pre Construction: We will then have one of our designers, project managers and possibly and engineer depending on the complexity of the project meet with you, take careful measurements and prepare detailed drawings of your existing spaces, as well as the proposed new floor plan.

Construction: We will supply complete on site professional supervision of the project with one of our project managers. This ensures that all critical strategies of the process run smoothly.

Raymac Remodeling ensures that all tradesman and sub-contractors are fully licensed and insured with no exceptionsWe have held long standing relationships with the majority of these subcontractors so they understand our production systems and how we expect them to interact with our clients.  We never send our bid lists out to several different unfamiliar subcontractors in an effort to obtain the lowest price possible. We only work with quality subcontractors who stand behind and warranty their work.

front-renderingPost Construction: We do a completed work project walk-thru and punch out with you to ensure that every last detail is of your standards.

Warranty: Our work is completed on time as agreed and carries double the industry standard warranty of one year, we give a two year warranty, in addition to an individual pledge that your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Pitfalls in not obtaining a design & “fishing” for bids
Many people are under the misunderstanding that the best way to hire a contractor is to call as many as possible, from a variety of sources, such as friends & family recommendations, magazine or newspaper ads, and yard signs and then briefly walk all the contractors through the scope of work and then try to compare all the bids.

The biggest problem with this system is that there is not set plan for all of the contractors to estimate off so you end up with an “estimate” when you are really looking for a “bid”

*An estimate, or what is sometimes known as a ‘Guesstimate’, is something put together based off limited information, and should never be used as final pricing. More than likely, numerous change orders will come into play during the course of the project, due to a lack of planning. This often involves costs you didn’t expect, and gives some contractors the opportunity to charge above average rates for these ‘changes’ because you are tied into them contractually.

* A bid is a price given based off the information provided in a detailed set of plans. It enables the contractor, or multiple contractors, to comprehend and bid on the full scope of work and all the materials and finishes that will be necessary to complete the project.